Tips + Tricks for An Easy and Effortless Vacation (or Stay-cation)!

Spring Break is upon us folks! You know what that means? Traveling with kids (or stay-cation, those are awesome too!). If you’re like us, we use to overpack ALL THE TIME. Especially with kids, you always want to be over prepared than under prepared for those unexpected moments.

It’s time like these, where we should celebrate being mascara and makeup free with more time for YOU and your family this Spring Break. Whenever we go on small trips with our family or friends, we have a few things that are a must.

1- Book your lash touch-up or new set appointment a few weeks in advance

This is to ensure you secure a spot during this super busy time – who needs them pesky, sticky lash strips! Am I right? They are also waterproof, versatile, and easy to handle! This way, you’re tossing aside your mascara wand and NOT your travel plans!best eyelash extensions toronto, natural eyelash extensions, natural lashes, best lashes, lash lift, volume, cheap lashes

2- Pack the essentials:

When we travel, the lighter the better especially if you have little ones. You’ll typically find these things in our travel bag.

  • Lash wand (I always keep a few handy, ask for a few before you leave your appointment)
  • Lash/face cleanser (can be purchased in-store) – This 3-IN-1 is the perfect go-to for traveling since you won’t have 3 products cluttering up your suitcase.
  • Lash Mask – Yes, that’s a real thing! These specially designed masks are great for both sleeping when you’re flying, or everyday sleep mask so your new Lash extensions don’t get wrinkled and squished while you sleep!
  • Sunscreen/UV protective lip balm: we never leave the house without these! Regardless of age, UVA and UVB damage to the skin is a serious matter and should never be overlooked. Wearing sunscreen slows down the development of wrinkles and premature aging of the skinTravel essential


3- Two words. PACKING. CUBES.

These things have literally changed the way I pack and reduce the amount of stuff I take with me (let’s be honest, we always tend to pack things we don’t end up using/wearing). With these awesome cubes, you can pack with intention. Taking only the needed items versus the ones you think you might need. There are different variations of packing cubes, but these ones were both affordable and super durable from our experience with them.

Pack Cubes

These essentials are not set in stone as we all pack differently and have various needs. But we do hope our simple recommendations will at least help make packing feel less of a chore and more of an excitement!

xo Beyond Beauty