Lash Love in Spring: Guide to Flawless Extensions

Spring is here, bringing sunshine, blooming flowers, and… Spring shedding for your eyelash extensions? For busy women who love their lash extensions, Spring can be a double-edged sword. While it’s the perfect time to shed the winter blues and embrace a fresh look, seasonal allergies and Spring shedding can wreak havoc on your lashes.

Here at Beyond Beauty, we understand your desire to save time while maintaining gorgeous lashes. That’s why we specialize in techniques and products that minimize eyelash extension fallout with proper care.

Spring Shedding: A Natural Process with Itchy Side Effects

It’s important to remember that eyelash shedding is natural. Just like hair on your head, your eyelashes go through growth, rest, and shedding phases. This means you’ll naturally lose some lashes throughout the Spring, and those new baby lashes pushing through can sometimes cause itchiness along the lash line.

Expert Tips for Healthy Lashes with Less Fallout and Itchiness

While shedding, like eyelash extensions falling out, can’t be entirely prevented. With proper care, you can significantly reduce shedding, maintain beautiful, full lashes, and soothe itchiness. Here’s how:

  • Cleaning is Key: Washing your lashes twice daily with a foaming cleanser specifically designed for extensions is crucial. This removes dirt, oil, and allergens that can irritate your eyes and loosen the bond between your natural lashes and the extensions. Clean lashes also promote healthy lash growth, which means fewer natural lashes will shed and take extensions with them.
  • The Right Technique Matters: Using the proper application method and lash weight is essential to prevent damage to your natural lashes, which can lead to increased shedding. At Beyond Beauty, our experienced technicians prioritize lash health, ensuring your extensions look stunning without compromising natural growth.
  • Baby Your Baby Lashes: During shedding, you might notice an abundance of delicate new lashes. These “baby lashes” need special care. We recommend using shorter or fewer extensions on them to avoid putting strain on the lash follicle. While this may result in a slightly less full look temporarily, it will promote healthy growth in the long run, reducing future shedding and itchiness.
  • Open Communication is Your Friend: Don’t hesitate to ask questions or voice any concerns you have about your extensions, especially during shedding season. Our team at Beyond Beauty is here to guide you and ensure a positive experience.

Seasonal Allergies and Eyelash Extensions: The Itchy Enemy

For those who experience seasonal allergies, Spring shedding can be compounded by the urge to rub itchy eyes. This friction can cause extensions to loosen and fall out prematurely.

Here are some additional tips to manage allergies and keep your lashes looking their best:

  • Talk to your allergist: Discuss strategies to manage your allergies and minimize eye irritation, which can help prevent excessive rubbing and eyelash extension loss.
  • Consider Hypoallergenic Eye Drops: These can soothe itchy eyes without compromising the integrity of your lash extensions.
  • Resist the Rub! It’s tempting, but rubbing your eyes can damage both your extensions and your natural lashes. Try gently patting your eyes with a spollie instead.

Beyond the Basics: Busy Lifestyles and Eyelash Care

Your active lifestyle shouldn’t compromise your beautiful lashes! Sweating during workouts or a fun day at the beach can lead to oil build-up around your lash line, which can loosen extensions . Don’t worry – you can still enjoy your favourite activities! Simply washing your extensions gently with a lash cleanser right after will prevent oil build-up and keep your lashes looking fresh, minimizing shedding.

Spring shedding with eyelash extensions


Sunscreen is another essential for spring and summer, but some formulas can break down the adhesive used in eyelash extensions. Look for oil-free, mineral sunscreens that won’t affect your lashes.

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Beyond Beauty: Your Partner in Lash Perfection

With over 14 years of experience, Beyond Beauty has helped countless clients achieve beautiful, long-lasting eyelash extensions. We understand the unique needs of busy women who want to look their best without sacrificing precious time.

Embrace Spring with Confidence

Spring shedding doesn’t have to be a hassle for your eyelash extensions. By following these tips and trusting the experts at Beyond Beauty, you can maintain gorgeous lashes throughout the season.

So ditch the mascara wand and embrace the convenience and beauty of eyelash extensions. Contact Beyond Beauty today and let us help you step into a brighter, more beautiful you!