Do eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

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Are you considering getting eyelash extensions but are nervous about potential harm to your natural lashes? Or have you been a fan of extensions for a while but are concerned about maintaining the health of your natural lashes? Bring clarity to these questions as we sift the truth from myths about this popular beauty procedure. Here’s a breakdown of whether eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes and how to maintain their health.

In my nearly 20 years as a lash stylist and 15 years running my business, I’ve seen countless clients arrive with damaged natural lashes. It truly saddens me because I know firsthand that properly applied extensions with good aftercare won’t harm your natural lashes. In fact, many of our clients have enjoyed their extensions for over a decade with healthy, thriving lashes. Unfortunately, a combination of application mistakes by inexperienced technicians and unintentional client neglect can lead to this kind of damage.

Lash Technician Mistakes:

There are common mistakes that lash technicians can make that could lead to lash damage. 

Apply on multiple natural lashes:

Sticky lashes, a common issue, occur when multiple lashes or extensions get glued together due to improper isolation of natural lashes or when a lash technician doesn’t take time to isolate them. This unsightly clump not only looks terrible but also damages natural lashes.

Here’s why: Stuck lashes pull on each other as they grow, causing breakage and premature shedding. Even when a natural lash sheds, it can pull out others stuck in the clump.

Heavy Extensions:

One major problem is using too heavy extensions for your natural lashes, which can strain and weaken them and make them pre-shed. At Beyond Beauty, we suggest using extensions 2-3mm longer than your natural lashes maximum. 


As you can see here, extensions are too heavy and applied on few natural lashes.

Extensions glued onto the skin:

When applying lash extensions, it’s crucial to ensure they are placed 1mm from the skin. This not only prevents the adhesive from clogging hair follicles but also aids in maintaining healthy hair growth. The adhesive must be carefully applied to the lash only and not the skin, ensuring that the extensions remain securely in place without causing damage or discomfort to the skin.

At Beyond Beauty, we always check each extension at the end of appointment to ensure no natural lashes and extensions stick together. 

Does it mean if a client gets a good set of extensions, it won’t damage their natural lashes? Not always if they don’t take care of their lashes properly.

Properly Aftercare:

The maintenance of your lashes post-procedure plays a significant role in the health of your natural lashes. 


Daily washing with a gentle foaming lash cleanser is a pampering ritual that benefits your natural lashes and extensions. It removes oil buildup, which can slow down natural lash growth, and keeps extensions looking their best. After all, oil can break down the adhesive that keeps them in place.

Avoiding Rubbing or Sleeping on Your Face:

Some clients have seasonal allergies, and you may rub your eyes during this time, or some clients sleep on their face or side. Many of our clients rub their eyes during sleep without knowing they do that. I always tell clients that if they wake up with tangled or crisscrossed eyelash extensions, they likely rub their eyes during sleep. This can cause damage to both your extensions and natural lashes.

Sleeping Masks for Lash Protection:

Based on my personal experience, using a 3D sleeping mask can be very beneficial. A 3D sleeping mask can help protect your lashes from your hand rubbing or sleeping on your face. 

In conclusion:

When applied correctly and appropriately, eyelash extensions do not damage your natural lashes. By steering clear of typical mistakes, maintaining good aftercare, and selecting a skilled technician, you can enjoy the advantages of longer, fuller lashes without threatening the health of your natural ones. For many of our clients, eyelash extensions are still absolutely worth it. They save you time in your morning routine, lift and brighten your eyes, and can even rejuvenate your entire face. Say yes to those luscious extensions, and let Beyond Beauty take care of the rest!

Linh Nguyen


I have been getting my lashes done by Linh and her team at Beyond Beauty since 2014.

They really care about the health of your lashes. They will recommend and apply the proper length and weight so that your natural lashes are never damaged. The lashes are high quality and lightweight. Their attention to detail when it comes to styling is amazing. The retention is much longer than any other salon I’ve been to as well.



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