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Beyond Beauty

is an award-winning salon, specializes in Eyelash Extensions and Lash Lifts. We’re globally recognized for our exceptional lash artist training.

We’re all about lashes, and nothing else!

Eyelash Extensions: An Essential Beauty Addition

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Your Shortcut to Quick Morning Beauty Routines. Spend less time prepping, more time living.

Simplify Your Beauty Routine: Tired of the daily makeup grind? Eyelash extensions are the answer. They enhance your natural beauty, save you time, and boost your confidence. Wake up with full, long lashes – no mascara needed. At Beyond Beauty, we specialize in natural-looking extensions for busy women.

Rejuvenate Your Look

Eyelash extensions add volume and length to your natural lashes, creating an illusion of wider, more vibrant eyes. This subtle change can take years off your appearance, making you look fresher and more youthful.

Open and Lift Your Eyes, Boost Your Confidence

Experience the transformative power of our premium eyelash extensions. They not only amplify your natural beauty but also instill a renewed sense of self-confidence, revealing a more radiant and empowered you.

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 So what are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions enhance your natural beauty with a flawless semi-permanent extension to each of your natural lashes. Single strands of synthetic hair are adhered and curved to replicate your natural eyelashes, giving you a natural and feminine look. Lash extensions are applied to natural lashes only, and the adhesive does not come into contact with the skin.

Each set of eyelash extensions is unique and customized based on the condition of your natural lashes. At Beyond Beauty, our fully certified Lash Extension Stylists conform to the highest standards of safety and hygiene in Toronto. Each set includes 4 to 6 lengths to ensure a custom and quality design. One size DOES NOT fit all. Our technicians will create a design tailored specifically to suit your beautiFULL eyes!

What do actual clients say?

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I recently moved to Toronto and was very fortunate to get connected to Linh from my Vancouver lash specialist, who was one of her former students. Linh is an absolute genius of lashes – she has extreme attention to detail and her work is of impeccable quality. She gives close consideration to eye and face shape to determine what would look best, keeps meticulous records so she knows exactly what she did at my last appointment and can make any fine tuning adjustments that she thinks might improve things further, and my lashes stay on way longer than they have from any of the many other places I have gone in the past. She’s also a lovely person generally and a pleasure to spend time with. Highly recommend – you won’t be disappointed!


BEST LASH SET I’VE GOTTEN: I’ve been through my fair share of lash techs; from horror stories to decent to major stickies and eyeball bruising (can you tell how much I love lashes to keep at it? Lol) I did not know what an excellent set of lash extensions felt like until Beyond Beauty! Being a lash tech myself my expectations are very high but they exceeded them. They are fuller than they’ve ever been but they feel virtually weightless. I feel nothing when I blink and they’re absolutely beautiful – my search is finally over.

Neelam S

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I have been having my lashes beautified with gorgeous volume extensions at Beyond Beauty for over 4 years. The styling is amazing, so fluffy and full. They really care about your natural lashes and adapt each fill to how your natural lashes are growing and shedding. I drive 2 hours round trip for my appointments every 3 weeks because the quality of each application is on point! Amazing staff and relaxing environment! Worth every penny!! I’m a keeper


best eyelash extensions toronto, natural eyelash extensions, natural lashes, best lashes, lash lift, volume, cheap lashes

I love getting my lashes done at Beyond Beauty. Their  stylist ’s are well trained and I get so many compliments on my natural lashes. I can tell the quality of their products are good (e.g. adhesives and lashes). I have had my lashes up to six weeks with the proper care. With the setup of the comfortable chairs and blankets, it is very pampering and comfortable.


best eyelash extensions toronto, natural eyelash extensions, natural lashes, best lashes, lash lift, volume, cheap lashes

I’ve been going to Beyond Beauty for well over a decade! Linh is a truly talented lash artist. She is very skilled, knowledgeable and meticulous in her work; my lashes look impeccable for several weeks after getting them done. Service is always professional, hygienic and super friendly. Linh is a real gem. She takes her time to make sure your lashes are perfect. She knows exactly what length, volume and shape is suitable based on your unique eye shape and she uses only the best quality product. If you’re looking for the absolute top notch standard of lashes from the best, award-winning, esthetician in the City, then Beyond Beauty is the place to get them done. Linh is incredible and so is the rest of her team.

Shelli Sareen

best eyelash extensions toronto, natural eyelash extensions, natural lashes, best lashes, lash lift

Phenomenal work! I’ve been doing my lashes for the last 5+ years and have yet found a reliable place to go – till I stumbled upon BeyondBeauty. The retention of the lashes are amazing, I got a mini fill after 3 weeks – I could’ve definitely went longer but love a full look. The attention they pay to meticulously place each lash shows, I’ve been getting compliments since 🙂