How to Choose the Right Lash Training Course


Lash extensions have become more than just a trend in the beauty industry, it’s continuously growing with no signs of stopping. With such high demand for this every accessory, many are looking to get certified and trained in this art form. Looking for the perfect training program can be daunting when the market is saturated with numerous lash trainers who are said to be the best of the best. So what should you be looking for? Here are some tips we’d put together to help you in becoming a lash pro!

Lash Technique: Which technique do you fancy and want to learn? There are 2 different techniques: Classic vs. Volume (or 3D lashes). Classic lashes have been around for a hot minute and for those are not familiar with them, it is one single lash extension per natural lash. Volume came onto the scene and has been a popular choice for those looking to get certified in Lash Artistry. Creating a natural fuller look with thinner and lighter lash extensions strategically fanned out and applied on one single lash, it has also been called 3D lashes.

Teaching style: The saying “practice makes perfect” holds very true when training our students since we provide hands-on training with live models to reflects the real world experience when working on a client. It’s perfect for those who are both a visual and hands-on learner.  Depending on your learning style, there are some educators that might have different teaching styles, we always recommend doing your research on the Educators work and style before making the investment.

Products: What products are being used in the course? Are they a reputable brand that has gotten great reviews from both students and lash artists who might use it for their business. Always make sure they are good quality products and can be used in a professional manner.

Research, Research, Research! That’s what Google is for right? When it comes to investing in yourself and your education, you always want to make sure you do a ton of research prior to spending that hard-earned dough on a lash extensions training program. There are many reputable educators that specialize in various forms of lash extensions. Be sure to check out the work of students, reviews, and those of clients who have had experience with the lash artist and their lash studios.

Lash extensions are here to stay and have become a big demand in the beauty industry. Being certified as a Lash Artist is a great addition to your resume as a relevant skill many salons and studios are looking for. To get started on your Lashing journey, learn more at Beyond Beauty Volume Training.