Classic Lashes Are Retiring

Hello, again world! We’ve been working on some projects as of late, but we’re back and in full swing looking forward to the Summer Months in the city and have some exciting announcements! One of which is, our Classic Lashes will be retiring from our lash menu as of July 1, 2019! We can hear all the gasps from afar, “but why”, “It’s The Classic Lashes that everyone knows and love!”. As you may already know, the Classic Lash technique was the gateway to the beautiful artistry of lashing for many stylists and was a staple in the lash community for many years, but due to high demand and new technique developments – it is now time for us to let go of the Classic and focus and embrace The New Volume Technique. Here are reasons why you should let go too: 

Extension Diameter and weight (Classic): Your natural lashes are approximately 0.10mm – 0.15mm in diameter and lash experts can agree that one of the safest diameters to use for Classic extensions is 0.12mm. This diameter is perfect to attain the recommended maximum length of 3mm longer than clients natural lashes in order to have good retention and styling.  Since the lash ratio is 1:1, the fullness will all depend on the number of natural lashes you already have, so if you have sparse lashes and want the effects of full coverage, this may be a difficult task since we work with the strength and health of your natural lashes and would never jeopardize that. 

Extension Diameter and weight (Volume): On the other hand, volume extensions use 0.03mm, 0.05 mm – 0.07 mm diameter lashes which are lighter in weight and feels softer making it possible for stylists to use 3-4 lashes during Volume applications depending on clients natural lash (see diagram below) – this will give your clients more coverage, especially if they have sparse lashes.

Additionally, the Volume Technique uses less adhesive vs. the Classic and will give you longer retention that is gentle on your lashes.


The Final Look: Since Classic Extensions will no longer be offered at our salon, The Soft Set was born to take over! Giving you a similar look of 1-2 coats of mascara, this set offers great retention, soft, subtle, but flirty and fun!

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